Biblioteca Pública AC.

Atencion San Miguel is a weekly, bilingual newspaper published by the Biblioteca Publica, A.C. The Atencion was published for the first time in 1975, and is considered one of the most important local newspapers.


Articles are published in Spanish and English. It is available in newsprint format or online at If you prefer reading our printed edition, it comes out every Thursday and is available at many restaurants and stores around town for only $20 pesos.  Or stop by the Café Santa Ana and start your day off with our coffee and newspaper special for just $50 pesos on Thursday mornings!


Also be sure to check out the Qué Pasa supplement to find out what is happening each week in San Miguel de Allende, available in the printed supplement or online


Office hours: Monday to Friday from 10 am-5pm, email or call 415-152 3770 for more information.