Biblioteca Pública AC.

The English room currently has a fairly large bibliographic collection, about 35 thousand books make it up, most of them are books and audio books in English, but we can also find a wide variety of books in Spanish.

The English Room currently contains about 25,000 books written in the English language.  This Sala is organized based on various classifications of books as noted below.


  • General classification is based on the Dewey Decimal System:

Number                                                     Classifications

000                                                                             General Works

100                                                                             Philosophy and Psychology

200                                                                             Religion

300                                                                             Social Sciences

400                                                                             Language

500                                                                             Natural Sciences

600                                                                             Technology and Health Sciences

700                                                                             Art and Sports

800                                                                             Universal Literature

900                                                                             Geography and History

920                                                                             Biographies


    • Fiction (FIC): Here you will find books that could be classified as novels.
    • Mystery (MYS): In this section, you can find books that deal with mystery and terror; they are also classified as novels, but with that special touch of mystery.
    • Large Print (LARP): We have a collection of books printed in large print, precisely for those with some visual impairment. You will find fiction and mystery books, as well as biographies.
    • Graphic Novels (GN): Graphic novels of interest to young people.
    • San Miguel Authors: Books written by people, mostly foreigners, living in San Miguel de Allende, such as Sandra Cisneros to mention one important author.
    • Poetry:  a space for those who love poetry
    • Young Adult (YA): Here you will find books of interest for those young adults who like to read fiction and mystery, such as books from the Twilight saga or Harry Potter books.
    • Latin American Studies (LAS) and Biographies (LAS 92):  This section has a very diverse collection referring to the history and cultures of Mexico and Latin America, including customs and traditions of peoples that still exist in our present times. You can also find biographies of important characters in paintings or murals throughout Mexico. 


  • Latin American Reference Studies (LAS REF):  This is one of the most important classifications of the library for its content and information in English and Spanish, and for its great historical value since many of these titles are the only ones in existence.


  • Tourist Guides: In this section, you can find tourist information from many countries, as well as from different states and cities in Mexico.
  • DVDs and CDs: You will find films of various genres in English and Spanish, as well as National Geographic documentaries to mention a few.  We also have classical music, Mexican music, Huastecan sounds, even jazz and blues music.
  • Audiobooks (AUD): exclusively in English in both fiction and mystery genres.
  • New Books:  This section is always of great interest, as the vast majority of these books are purchased at the request or recommendation of some patrons, and others are donated. These books are identified with a blue dot. 


Our most important collection is on the history, festivals and traditions of San Miguel de Allende, from the beginning through present day.  It is a large collection, mostly in Spanish with such important authors as Francisco de la Maza, Felipe Cossío del Pomar and Don José Cornelio López Espinoza to mention a few. We also have books on the Sanctuary of Jesús Nazareno and archaeological sites such as La Cañada de la Virgin. These books are only allowed to be viewed inside the English Sala due to their great importance and historical value to our library.