Biblioteca Pública AC.

The Spanish room is a very nice place with good lighting to read, carry out research tasks, we also have a very nice decoration with works of art donated to the library by local and foreign artists.

The Spanish Room currently contains approximately 22,000 books written in the Spanish language.  This Sala is organized based on the Dewey Decimal classifications of books as noted below.


Number                                                                          Classifications

000                                                                             General Works

100                                                                             Philosophy and Psychology

200                                                                             Religion

300                                                                             Social Sciences

400                                                                             Language

500                                                                             Natural Sciences

600                                                                             Technology and Health Sciences

700                                                                             Art and Sports

800                                                                             Universal Literature

900                                                                Geography and History

920                                                                             Biographies

The most frequently viewed books in the Spanish Room are on law, medicine, architecture, gardening, physics, chemistry, mystery, fiction, adventure and romance novels, books about World War II, philosophy, biochemistry, technology, as well as books on sexual education and adolescence.


You can also find magazines about tourist places of Mexico, as well as scientific and cultural magazines in Spanish.