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An Engineer, a Physicologist, and a Marketing Specialist

An Engineer, a Physicologist, and a Marketing Specialist

By Reyna Rodriguez Rosas

The “department that resolves every problem for which no solution is found,” this is the name given to the department of TICs; an area that is very important and necessary in the Library.  Here solutions are found as well as ideas dreamed up be they realistic or terrifying to meet the necessities of day to day operations.


We sprung up several years ago as the office that attempts to meet the needs of establishing both internal and exterior connections.  We understand our mission as resolving all problems that are within our hands and within our resources and, if we are unable to do so, to seek out the most creative means to achieve the best outcome.  


In the area of TICs we have an unlimited number of devices developed by different generations styles and sizes; such as inkjet printers that were available to only a few at the beginning of the 21st century, Canon calculators that print on a roll of paper, which were very popular in the 90s, a soldering iron used to connect circuits thus saving ram memory chips and our beloved professional camera which we have thanks to the generous donations of people like you.  All of these things make it possible for us to express our ideas.  Every day we hear words like campaigns, copies, circuits, sql language, iso, portability and an unending number of technology terms that each of the staff of TICs says each day, thus we continue to learn new things on a daily basis.


The fascinating thing about this team is that we are three professionals, with the titles that appear in the title of the article: a systems engineer, a physicologist (physical and psychologist), and a marketing specialist and thorough a combination of our knowledge we are able to each contribute to the success of the department of TICs finding solutions, ideas that represent the fusion of our expertise.  


We have dreams, challenges and goals to achieve and put into practice with the help of each of your contributions that arrive at our Library.  With your help we are able to overcome adversities.  The Library is with you as users and family.  We know for a fact that even though the Library has a long road ahead to provide the San Miguel Community with a space that is full of knowledge and recreation to continue developing the empathetic link with each of you.


Thanks to you, we can continue creating and sharing each moment with you.  Please visit our physical plant, that is to say the Biblioteca Publica de San Miguel de Allende, but also look us up on digital media: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and on our webpage.


Read us soon.

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