Biblioteca Pública AC.

At the Biblioteca Pública de San Miguel de Allende, we are following all COVID-19 protocols

Both the Library visitors and personnel must comply with the following protocols established by the authorities, which we have adapted for our facilities.


Our protocols apply to the following activities:

  1. Administrative work and maintenance work.
  2. Rehearsals, training and theater practice.
  3. Recording and/or transmission of digital content.
  4. Other activities conducted without the presence of spectators, but being transmitted live or pre-recorded through a video and audio system.
  5. Events attended by spectators, with limited capacity adhering to official guidelines.

Entrance Filters:

The following are general measures for access to Biblioteca facilities:

  1. Monitoring temperature
  2. Application of 70% alcohol gel to hands
  3. Cleaning footwear using the floor mat with bleach
  4. Registering temperature, full name, email, and telephone number 

General health measures in all areas of Biblioteca:

  1. Keep 2 meters distance between people
  2. Mandatory use of masks at all time
  3. Verify the specific guidelines for each area

General health measures for the Santa Ana Theater and Sala Quetzal:

  1. Both spaces will only allow access up to 50% of its capacity. Seats will be assigned applying safe distance guidelines.
  2. During events attendees must use facemasks. 
  3. The theater has a clean air recirculation system.
  4. Between events, the space will be vacated for one hour in order to clean and sanitize, and to avoid crowding between those leaving or entering the space. 
  5. Only essential operators such as the operating technician, ticket taker, and ushers can enter the area.
  6. It is forbidden to eat food inside these spaces.
  7. Maximum event duration will be 1 hour and 30 minutes.

These protocols are continuously reviewed and updated for compliance with guidelines established by municipal authorities.