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Help us by donating that book you already read.

Help us by donating that book you already read.

By Irma Aguilar

The Public Library of San Miguel de Allende A.C, as a public institution, has the commitment to provide a complete and integrated service to the community, to extend its reach and benefits to the greatest number of persons and to respond to the diverse information needs, educational and recreational needs that our users require.

In order to achieve the objective the library expands and develops its collections by diverse means, one of which is through the donation of materials by individuals.  We greatly appreciate this assistance.

With the end of assuring that donated material complies with the purpose of the public library, materials should meet the following requirements.

All copies should be:

  1. Without disfigurations
  2. Without missing pages
  3. Without loose pages
  4. Without evidence of water damage
  5. Without fungal damage which could put at risk our existing collection.


The library does not accept the following materials:

  1. Magazines, newspapers and calendars
  2. Copies of free textbooks published by the Secretaría de Educación Pública
  3. Encyclopedias
  4. Technical books more than 5 years old
  5. Xerox copies of any material


Library personnel who pick up donations at your home are responsible for evaluating materials before accepting them.  (This is to avoid bringing material into the library that could put at risk the existing collection)

Donations to the Public Library of San Miguel de Allende become the exclusive property of the library and cannot be returned to the original owner.

The office of the Development of Collections is responsible for evaluating donated material and will carry out an inspection of the content of the volumes in order to assure that they are in compliance with the requirements for incorporation into the collection.  In the case that the material is not consistent with these requirements, it will be sold and the proceeds used to purchase material for the library and scholarships for students at the college preparatory level.


Outline for the collection of donations:

  1. For large donations, the library reserves the right to accept the whole collection or any part if it.


In the case of small donations, we ask that you bring the books to the library and leave them in the reception area.


For large donations to be picked up at your house, we ask that library personnel be allowed to inspect books prior to accepting them.


  1. We ask that you place the boos in boxes or bags to facilitate their retrieval but that the boxes or bags be light enough that one person can carry them.
  2. Please help us by placing the books close to the entrance to your home in order to speed up their collection.
  3. If you will be delivering your donation to the library, please bring them to the reception area to facilitate our collecting your information and allowing us to express our appreciation for the donation.

Hours of operation for receiving your books is from Monday to Friday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Our telephone number is 415 152 0293.  Extension 106 or 107.



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