Biblioteca Pública AC.


Provide, develop and maintain educational and cultural activities that contribute toward an integrated and harmonious community.


To be a vital and inviting community center that provides a lending library, skills training, educational and cultural activities in a safe environment for a multi-generational and a multi-cultural community.


Shared Values of Board, Staff and Volunteers

  1. Committed – Commitment to Mission and Vision of the Biblioteca
  2. Service Oriented – Spirit of Service to the community
  3. Empowering – Empowerment of each other and the community
  4. Quality – High work quality in all we do
  5. Hospitality- Be welcoming to all who visit the Biblioteca
  6. Integrity- Play by the rules and do what we say we are going to do
  7. Creativity- There are lots of ways to do things.  Don’t get stuck