Biblioteca Pública AC.

Victor H. Benítez

Human beings are inherently social, being a rational individual they are not self-suficient and require the assistance and protection of others and thus live in communities governed by rules with objectives to be ahieved.  

In today´s world, technology is our principal tool of work.  These digital platforms were created by the constant need of people to share their achievements or their questions that others can help them solve. 

The importance or need for these networks is undeniable, every day the number of such websites grows and they become each day more specialized. As for example the publication of videos, photos or other information which the author wishes to transmit to remote places and to important people.  Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are very useful and necessary.  And, in the case that you want to contact someone professionally, you do it through and email or a webpage.  

Today, everything is related to the need to share everything and thus the importance of web pages where you detail everything that is the essence to your endeavor, its history, its activities and its principal achievements.  

In the Public Library we always find ourselves improving communication among our users, in order to continuously enhance access to information.  Thanks to our Department of Technologies and Communication (TIC´s) that help with the growth of these platforms that respond to the needs of our users.  They make use of work meetings, analysis of data, and observing the behavior of our users to always move our efforts forward. Thus, we are changing the methods of communication person by person and institution by person.

With the specialization of our social networks one can access in a segmented and classified manner the information through use of some official webpage such as ours; which is a constant state of evolution and updating.  Thus the Public Library of San Miguel de Allende counts on many tools of study and measurement tol achieve the needs of our users and deliver the best to our public.

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