Biblioteca Pública AC.

By Alma Cervantes

One of the Biblioteca’s impactful programs is the Scholarship program, which fights to prevent school dropout by giving financial help to students selected upon social and academic criteria.


The orientation for new scholarship recipients took place on Saturday, March 5, 2022. In 2022, 13 university and 10 high school recipients were selected bringing the starting number of scholarship recipients to 102 students. 


Scholarship advisory committee member Professor Cristina Serna and Library Director Miguel Ángel Barquet led the proceedings of this celebratory event. 


In her welcome, Professor Cristina Serna said: “Receiving this scholarship is the fruit of a great deal of work, it represents a long road that you have already been following with the support of your families and teachers. We are pleased to support your educational aspirations and at the same time support the future work you will do in your community.” 


Professor Serna also pointed out that 99% of the university recipients represent the first generation in their families to reach university level and with the support of their scholarship, they will earn a bachelor degree. Their path is not an easy one but their success will open new pathways for younger siblings.


High school scholar Lourdes Angélica Hernández Arredondo described her parents’ reaction to the phone call from Scholarship Coordinator Alma Elena Cervanates who gave her the good news. They were very proud because I worked very hard to get good grades so that I could be granted this support.  Lourdes also expressed  “I just keep working and refuse to give up. It feels good to be a library scholar, it is a great privilege.”


When asked about the March 5th program, Maria Fernanda Zuñiga Vargas a university recipient stated “Honestly it was a very nice experience because the library director provided words of support that made me realize that we should value ourselves more for all the effort we make and for what we have been able to achieve despite the obstacles we have faced.” Itzel Cecilia Rodríguez Trujillo, another university recipient said: “The words shared by each of the participating speakers were kind and encouraging, they motivated me to continue, to not give up because there are ways to move forward. I also realized that the library has and offers many tools that I honestly didn’t know about, it’s good to have that kind of support.”


The orientation ended with the signing of the Scholarship Recipient Agreement. Each scholar was called by name and they signed alongside the signature of Library Director Miguel Ángel Barquet and the scholarship committee representative Professor Cristina Serna. 


The new scholars enjoyed the closing celebration alongside the company of family and new members of their support circle, the San Miguel de Allende Public Library A.C. staff.  While the library’s dedication to the community’s well being continues to be upheld by social distancing and mask wearing, at the end of the program, many happy smiles were availed so that all present could enjoy the fresh taste of empanadas and the sweetness of hibiscus drink. Cheers to our generous donors who make it possible for the library to bridge education and the future of community service.