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A wonderful journey to keep The Biblioteca alive

A wonderful journey to keep The Biblioteca alive

By Héctor Ramírez

La Biblioteca Pública de San Miguel de Allende has since 1954 provided to the community its lovely quarters, as well as learning programs, sponsoring activities that support artistic development, culture and education.  The employees of the library count on the support of a group of dedicated volunteers as well as commercial activities and the generosity of the community to continue and expand its mission.


One of the programs which is most traditional is the House and Garden event.  This is one of the best established and best known events in San Miguel de Allende.  In addition, the event is the source of income which enables the Library to finance the programs that it offers.  If you decide to participate, you can enjoy a private viewing of some of the most beautiful and distinguished homes in all of San Miguel.  Often these houses date from the end of the eighteenth century, but contemporary homes also are an option.  Come and discover — you will be surprised by what you discover through these magical doors.


The Library also offers tours to the most impressive and culturally significant areas of Guanajuato.  We offer tours to the capital of the state, to the Cañada de la Virgen, to Dolores Hidalgo, Atotonilco, Peña de Bernal, Tequisquiapan and to the city of Querétaro.  Not only will you learn about historical events but you will also enjoy an outing to the lovely countryside as well as financially supporting the mission of the Library.  These tours are conducted by a certified bilingual guide who can help you discover the hidden secrets of the tour you chose.  What a splendid manner of enjoying yourself with your friends at the same time as supporting the educational programs that benefit young people of the region.


Don´t neglect to keep yourself informed through our digital platforms such as the social network and the website of the Library.  Keep up to date regarding the latest events that the Library offers including workshops of educational activities.  You can also find out about our promotional activities that take place each week in the cafeteria, te theater, the gift shop, conferences, films and in general all that takes place within the Library.  Our staff are friendly and helpful.  Come on in and say hi. 

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