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Collen, the Mosaic Artist

By Reyna Rodríguez

A few days ago we had the opportunity to interview the artist Colleen Sorenson and were able to clarify some of the details of her arrival in San Miguel de Allende, her anecdotes relating to the Library and how she welcomes our Art Center.


R: What brought you to San Miguel de Allende?

C:  I have lived in San Miguel full time for 13 years.  I came here from southern Texas seeking a new experience and of course a better climate.  I am still here and very happy to be here.  


R: What do you think of the services that we offer here at the Library?

C:  There is really no other place like the Library.  It is not just a library.  There are lectures, language classes, music, painting and ceramics.  In addition there is the theater, the cafeteria and the great patio.  The library is a community gathering place which is very important and attractive.

It is the perfect place for new arrivals to begin learning about San Miguel.

During my first three years in San Miguel, I was a volunteer every Sunday for the House and Garden Tour.  I very much enjoyed the experience until I found that I no longer had time to do it and decided to devote myself to street art.


R:  How would you describe our new Art Center?

C:  The new Art Center is impressive both in terms of function and its openness to creativity.

Ten years ago I gave a class in ceramics every Saturday for adolescents and Library personnel on the upper level.  I remember that it was a very small and restrictive space.  The project was to create a colorful self portrait on three dimensional tiles.  Since participants had no prior experience, each project turned out unique and fabulous.

Now it gives me pleasure to provide an electric kiln, a roller for tiles, molds and tools for a ceramics program that includes all kinds of projects, including tiles.  

It will be so much easier now that we have everything in one place.


R:  How would you describe your style?

C:  My style is characterized by vibrant colors with two different themes.  On one hand I am known for a number of collections of “mosaic collaborations with street artists” such as the San Miguel artists “Juice” (Jesus Valenzuela) and “Boomzer” (Alejandro Cortés).

My other theme is the power of women in two collections: “Through the bedroom window” and “Women of the garden … Voices”

R:  What do you like most about being a visual artist?

C:  I don´t know.  It´s not something I think about.  I just do what I do.  I think it´s as simple as that.

R:  What would you recommend to the younger generations who are interested in art?

C:  That you let go and do what makes you feel most alive.  That you should constantly experiment:  clay, painting, music.  That´s the first step.  Then you go for it and see what happens.

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