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The Library Advances through Technology

The Library Advances through Technology

By Daniel Herrera

La Biblioteca Pública is a non-governmental organization that since 1954 has provided the community a space for community activities, activities for the diffusion of art and culture and other educational aspects through its commercial activities and with the generous support of the community through donations that permit the Library to carry out its mission.

One of the areas of activity of the Library is Information and Communication Technology.  In this area the Library has had to deal with an important challenge, which in recent years has become all the more important as virtual and digital have become common topics.  Information technology makes it possible to automate services, make innovations in the way products and services are offered and kept up to date to conform to the needs of users which through electronic devices have requirements based on the need to conduct and further research.

The Information and Communication Technology department of the Library not only analyzes, designs and develops internal information systems, but also provides technical support to users, delivers electronic services (PC, electronic mail, administration of social networks, strategies of communication with users, internet, software, etc.)

The department of Information Technology includes:  Market technology, Development, Systems and Support.

At the Library we have accepted the challenge of automating processes in order to offer more effective and personal services to our users, improve the internet infrastructure,  and produce audiovisual material that will enable us to develop a closer connection to the community through all kinds of electronic devices. 

The infrastructure of the Library will be improving and the result will be a better quality in the attention we provide to our users.  Thus it is very important for the Library to continue with innovation in technology. 

Don´t forget to follow our digital means of communication, in social networks and web pages to learn about the latest developments at the Library, the activities in courses and workshops offered, the promotions at our Café, Theater, Store and tours and in general all of our upcoming events.

Thank you for continuing to support the Biblioteca Publica de San Miguel de Allende and all the programs that the Biblioteca has.

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